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why study in Monaco

Exposure To A Multicultural, Diverse Environment
Good Job Placement Rates
Affordable Fee Structures And Cost Of Living
A Very High Quality Of Life
All Programs And Universities Are Recognized Globally
Option to transfer to various partner universities in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, France, and many more. (2+2, 3+1, 2+1, 1+3, 3+0). You have the option of earning dual degrees while studying and living in Malaysia itself (Malaysia+ UK/ Malaysia+ Australia, etc.)
No IELTS/TOEFL required
State of the art infrastructure, education and resources in a growing economy
No SAT’s are required for the American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP). You have the option of finishing 2 years in Malaysia and then transferring to any one of the 250-300 partner universities in the US. You will graduate with a US degree only. This saves you 1/4 th of the fees as well as the living cost, providing the exposure and experience of both worlds, making you available future candidate for companies that you might want to work for
A Very Safe Country For Students Of All Ages, Races And Sexes
Focus On Hands On Training Rather Than Theoretical Studies Along With Personality Development Classes
Need Of The Hour, Creative Programs Tailored According To Industry Standards And The Ever Evolving Education Sector
Separate University Departments That Focus On International Students, Providing Them Counseling, Mentoring, Part/Full Time Job Opportunities, Extra-Curricular Activities And More

Popular Colleges And Programs

top universities
Asia Pacific University
Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Taylors University
Sunway University
International Medical University
HELP University
MAHSA University
City University
UCSI University
SEGi University
Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur
top programs
Information Technology
Mechatronic Engineering
Electrical and electronic engineering
Forensic Accounting
Creative Multimedia
VFX and film Making
Social Media Management
Biomedical Sciences
Brand Management
Social Media Management
Fashion design and retail
Graphic and professional design
Social Media Management
International hospitality management
culinary arts
Organizational psychology

Work Prospects

what is the average income of an international student in Monaco?
The average income depends on the following factors:
Education background and skill set of the student
Professional experience
average salary
On an average, the salary starts from RM 3000 and goes up to RM 6500 for freshers

Internships: Internships are a part of every program, Bachelor’s and Master’s and it is highly recommended that you do your internships in companies you want to work for. Most companies who hire you as interns tend to hire you full time based on your performance

Post study work Visa: Work permits for internationals are taken care of by the job sponsors. They are the ones who justify hiring an international over a local to the authorities

Education Costs And Scholarships

BACHELOR'S - 3 to 4 year programs
Average cost of a Bachelor’s program is between Rs. 3.5-6 lacs per year. It depends on your course and university of choice
MASTER'S - 1 / 1.5 / 2 YEARs PROGRAM
Average salary of a Master’s/MBA program is between 7.5-9 lacs for the entire program. There are cheaper programs available as well
University scholarships are strictly based on merit and extracurricular activities. The advisory board considers students who have over 80% marks and a good profile.

In some exceptional cases, they can go based on just the profile as well. If you are eligible, you can score up to 35% scholarship per year on the tuition fee.

Admission Process

Step 1
Send your documents
Documents required:
10th class Mark sheet
12th class Mark Sheet
Portfolio (If Applicable)
10th class Mark sheet
12th class Mark Sheet
Bachelors All years Mark Sheets
Degree certificate
Portfolio (If Applicable)
Step 2
Evaluation and Offer letter
Once your documents are in for the initial evaluation and everything is up to par, you will receive your offer letter in a few days
Step 3
Application and Visa Processing
Your application along with your application money and visa processing fees will be deposited in the university’s account as the first phase of your Fees. Once your documents are accepted by EMGS, you will get a reference number, which will be used when you go for your medical check-up at one of the EMGS empaneled clinics closest to your location
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