Inaugural Caddie Tournament: Noida Golf Course 2018

Amit Ghasghase
July 26, 2021
Inaugural Caddie Tournament: Noida Golf Course 2018

Executive Summary

Stepping up with Golf

The Inaugural Caddie tournament at the Noida Golf Course took place on 17th September 2018, with a whopping participation of 90 golfers and as many caddies. In attendance and support were the board members of the NGC, Officials from Petroleum Sports Promotion Board, Indian Air Force, Media and publicity personnel’s, and people from various charitable organizations as well as members of the Noida Golf Course. The purpose of this event was to felicitate caddies and their families and to show appreciation towards all the hard work they put in day in and day out. Whilst giving them an opportunity to play the sport they have long been associated with, we wanted to conduct an awareness program for them and their families in terms of career awareness for their children, parental guidance for the parents, and overall mental health and happiness for all of them. The more NGC envisioned creating a change for the masses, the deeper they dug into their lifestyles, and realized the pressing need for access to sports and education for the Caddies’ families. The need to give their families access to high quality skill-based education ensuring better, bigger lives for them by widening their horizons and giving them a step up in the real world. All professional resources (5 trainers) were being brought on board to make sure that this vision plays through till the end, creating a wave of change through collaboration, team work, and the will to do something good; maximizing the benefits for everyone involved. The introductory program included a basic needs analysis of what the participants want to learn moving further, what resonates with them, and which aspects of our workshops would work the best for them.

“No one truly wins unless we all win.”


  1. To provide an equal opportunity platform to caddies- the foundation of Golf.
  2. To create a sense of credibility among the masses.
  3. To felicitate the caddies and their families for the support that they provide at the NGC.
  4. To bring on new partners and create a holistic support system which works towards the development of the youth.
  5. To ensure support and welfare in terms of education and awareness for the caddies’ families.

Activities & deliverables 

Caddie tournament18-hole tournament
Workshops/ Talks (The introductory workshops were a form of needs analysis to ensure knowledge of the needs and wants of the participants in terms of education and awareness. The workshops that follow will be a continuation of the same, customized according to the analysis of the participants.)Giving your children opportunities to step up within limited resourcesBalancing work and personal life; Maintaining a happy homeAppreciating your children and giving them room to growImportance of hard work and mental healthImportance of career awareness, higher education options, and skill- based employmentProtecting your environment
Lunch200 People
Prize MoneyINR 50,000
Give awaysPens


When we talk about change through sports and education among the masses, we must acknowledge the efforts of the people who made this event possible and ensured its success.

Noida Golf Course: 

Mr. Joseph KoshyNGC
Mr. Simarjeet SinghNGC
Mr. Deepak GuptaThe Global Kitchen
Mr. Rajeev VenkatNGC
Mr. Kabir TalwarNGC
Mr. Harinder SharmaCourse Supervisor
Mr. Shivdutt
Mr. Krishanpal
Mr. Sandeep
Mr. Rajinder
Mr. Balswaroop Sharma
Mr. Gangasharan Sharma
Mr. Rajinder Sharma
Mr. Dwarika
Caddy Masters
Mr. Jairam
Mr. Mukesh Sharma


Mr. Sudesh NayakSecretary, Countrywide Hapkido Federation of India
Mrs. Vibha ChughFounder, Sakha
Dr. Aradhna SinghSports Psychologist
Group Captain A. K. ChordiaSenior Fellow, Center for Air Power Studies
Mr. Bipin SharmaSenior Journalist
Mr. Bipin SharmaSenior Journalist

Partners in Change

Mr. Pradyumna BarboraOroszlan
Mr. Sudesh KumarCountrywide Hapkido Federation Of India
Mahima GirdharConsultation Guru
Mrs. Rajni PanwarTalaash Magazine

It is never the effort of one individual, but an entire coalition of people working towards the betterment of the game and its custodians. NGC took a step towards growing the game of Golf into the sport it truly is, instilling in the caddies that they do not have to be better than everyone else, they just need to become better than they ever thought they could be.

Glimpses of the event

Let the games begin!

The People who went above and beyond their call of duty to ensure the success of this event.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team of Noida Golf Course for letting this vision play out as beautifully as it did. We would like to specially mention Mr. Joseph Koshy and Mr. Simarjeet Singh, without whom the event would not have been as successful as it was. A lot of time, effort, and resources went into this initiative and we hope to have delivered above and beyond what was promised, and we sincerely wish to make this a regular affair at NGC. Customized workshops on Career Awareness, Parenting, and Communication will be delivered at regular intervals (Time period to be decided) for the caddies and their families to ensure maximum utilization of developmental tools and resources present during and after the programs. We hope that this larger-than-life event resonates in the golf course for a very long time, keeping the wave of change alive even longer.

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