Air Force Museum Project

Amit Ghasghase
July 26, 2021
Air Force Museum Project


War heroes, veterans, soldiers, and the entire plethora of members of the Defense Forces are genuine role models, people who have the power to influence the masses, and people who inspire the entire nation. 50 children from our community were hosted by the Air Force Museum in Palam, kind courtesy of Group Captain Bhandari who very graciously interacted with all of them, inspired them to look at different career options, and told them about what it takes to be an officer of the Indian Air Force. It was the first museum visit that these children had ever gone for and the excitement was palpable. They immersed themselves in the
history, the airplanes, and the war stories that the museum displays with enormous pride. This activity resulted in an experience that no one can take away from these children and brought an inherent amount of composure among them which will lead to them working harder to create and achieve their goals. The activity was followed by an impact story by Group Captain R.K. Singh, who shared his own journey in the Air Force from a background similar to the children’s, motivating them to empower themselves and aspire to better goals by working hard and creating the lives that they want. Over the last year, we have been calculating the impact that different activities have on the
children and so far outdoor activities in smaller numbers have influenced them the most,
enabling us to iterate according to their needs and growth patterns.


It is imperative that these activities have a regular turn around rate so as to deeply instill the values and skills that we are hoping the children of our community have been imbibing through various workshops, events, and activities customized to their skill sets, needs, and wants. Continuity will be achieved through regular happenings of similar nature and putting the children through interactive competitions among each other to ensure that they learn and carry forward the legacy we are working so hard for. If we can regularly host groups of 50-100 community school students, we can plan a bigger event within the Museum premises where all of them can come together and showcase everything that they learn in the form of a quiz, writing, or art competition, and or a public speaking event. This will ensure a safe space for them to experiment with what they have learnt and to express themselves through any form they so choose. Stimulating activities will help them retain the knowledge that they acquire, and we will be able to map their progress more efficiently.

Total No. of children50Nepali Refugee Slums, DBlock, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
No. of Adults4D-Block Parents and Volunteers Consultaton Guru Oroszlan
Transportation (Buses)1Delhi
Activities3Museum Visit Impact Stories Interactive Session
Duration (Hours)3.5Including Lunch
Give Aways50Posters Key Rings

Special vote of thanks

On behalf of our children and our team, we would like to thank Group Captain Bhandari, Group Captain R.K. Singh and their entire team of officers who made the museum visit such a memorable one. We were awed beyond words with your stories and the professionalism that the entire event was conducted with. You have raised the bar very high for our upcoming events and you have inspired us to become better versions of ourselves. We are eternally grateful to you for all your help and support.

Glimpses of the event

“We know not the valor of these men and women who serve us, protect us, and ensure that we sleep peacefully every night.”

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