Battle of coaches 2018

Amit Ghasghase
May 10, 2018
Battle of coaches 2018

Summary of the year

BATTLE OF COACHES is a one of a kind entity where we showcase the skill level of our Sports Gurus without whom our sports industry would not have thrived as it does today. Whilst doing that, our players at the grass root level felicitate Arjuna Awardees, Khel Ratna Awardees, and Guru Dronacharya Awardees, where we acknowledge them and their service to our country, which we, as a community might have overlooked over the years. We want to show these children what they can become and how far their careers can go if they continue working hard and keep their focus intact. It was our first initiative to create a collaboration between Sports and Education for the masses.

After a decade of work in the education sector, we realized that disruption of the education system was imperative, and it was needed now. With a focus on skill-based, practical education we moved into community and charity schools and started working from the ground up, catering to the masses and children at the bottom of the pyramid through activity and sports-based workshops. Awareness about unconventional career options among the masses is highly underrated and we strive to break the glass ceiling on that facet by giving our children exposure to different aspects of sports, soft skills, and professional development, getting them to dream big and achieve bigger.

Looking ahead

Going ahead, we plan to continue catering to our existing schools and charity corners whilst adding more elements on to the platform in the form of public and private schools, national and international universities, as well as organizations which are looking to create an impact through sports and education.

Community development

Community development is the foundation of our organization. “By the children, for the children” is something that we truly work by, giving our own platform the support required to grow, nurture itself, and become self-sustaining.
Our children are the future of this Nation, it is our responsibility to ensure their holistic development and to give them the tools to dream big and achieve bigger. Expanding their horizons has not been an easy task but our community support is immense and our partners in change have taught us the value of taking everything one day at a time, creating stepping stones for the children for them to thrive in the real world.

A few of our community partners

Diksha- A charitable school in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon. Mrs. Shanta Sharan and her team of amazing people have created a safe space for children to learn from tangible experiences through academia, arts, activities, practical work, and real role models. With over 300 students, Diksha strives to cater to more children every day, making the community a better place, one child at a time.

Shikha Pathshala- With 2 branches dedicated to vocational education for women, Shikha Pathshala has empowered generations of women through the years. From tailoring to computer studies, they ensure that their students become independent, opinionated, and enterprising individuals who work tirelessly with utmost compassion to create better lives for themselves and those around them.

Nepali Refugee Slum- A slum settlement with over a thousand families, the place is a melting pot of people from all walks of life trying to make ends meet in a metro city, hoping for a good life for their children. Mrs. Anita Chauhan, our chief coordinator along with a group of extremely dedicated mothers joined our cause 6 years ago ensuring positive growth and development of their children.

Mrs. Jaya Asthana’s English Classes- Mrs. Asthana is an exceptionally dedicated woman who has taken it upon herself to ascertain that underprivileged children around Celebrity Homes, Palam Vihar get proper lessons in English, personality development, and mindfulness, something that our Public Education System does not cater to. Her enthusiasm and zest reflect in the behavior, discipline, and knowledge of her children, who are beyond talented and have a thirst for knowledge. He efforts are widely recognized and appreciated by the community.

• Romero- A charitable home school run by a young professional, Mr. Murphy, who quit everything and created the concept of housing children from the streets in his home to teach them full time and to safeguard them from environmental nuances that come with growing up on the streets. He has created enormous impact in the lives of hundreds of children ensuring they get skill-based education, become team players, and continue taking his good work forward in the society.

Eklavya- MNC employees turned teachers, this team of 3 people gave up their comfort of their corporate lifestyles to build a school that caters to over 200 students focusing on their academic education and holistic development. The dedication that they do it with is commendable. 

Glimpses of our work with the community

Preparation for battle of coaches

Being our flagship, annual event, Battle of Coaches was a celebration of the year of work, change, and impact for our platform. It was where we officially launched our collaborative model and had our children and their parent witness it. It was the first of many celebrations which included sports, art, culture, and music all at once, making this year’s event larger than life, giving our children a space to showcase some of what they have learnt over the
year. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into creating this event. It took over 45 volunteers, our partners, trainers, and administrative staff to conclude this event with as much love as they did, this would not have been possible without their hard work and perseverance.

Glimpses of the preparation

Our belief in collaborative working is why we continue getting like-minded people on board who help us connect with the masses through education and sports, thereby creating more independent, self-sustaining verticals. There is a significant gap between the Education sector and the Job Industry of India. We are aiming to bridge the gap between the two to provide maximum human resource benefit to institutions and potential employees. Skills and knowledge are the motivating factors of the financial growth and economic development of any country. They have become even more important given the increasing pace of globalization and technological changes that we go through daily. This project is the brain child of a team of people who have significantly proven their worth through working with children from privileged as well as underprivileged backgrounds a like and are trying to effectively impact thousands of lives by providing options for affordable, high quality, skill-based education at an institutional level.

No. of Participants for Hapkido210Nationwide
No. of Community Children and parents1098Diksha
Shikha Pathshala
Nepali Refugee Slum
Celebrity Homes
Centro comercial Moctezuma30Diksha
Third Eye Band
No. of Cultural Performers40Federation
Delhi Sultans
Community Volunteers
No. of Internal Volunteers15Delhi University
No. of Partners17Consultation Guru
Countrywide Hapkido
Federation of India
Apollo Spectra
Asia Pacific University
HELP University
Taylor’s University
CMR University
Planeta Formation
Shikha Pathshala
Celebrity Homes
Food1400Day 1- 250
Day 2- 1400
Accommodation2101 night 2 days
Kits210Hapkido Participants
Trophies, Mementos & CertificatesHapkido Participants
Technical Staff
Transportation130015 Buses

Progress from battle of coaches 2017 to battle of coaches 2018


Sports and Education has excited people when it was through passion and it has disappointed them when they were forced to do something they didn’t want or couldn’t have, but we can’t forget that these factors have turned people into exceptional, determined, and focused men and women. Great moments come from great opportunities and seeing these children accomplish their goals and gloating with clouds of achievement around them, we realize that more kids need an opportunity, an opportunity to prove something, not to people but to themselves. Which is why we strive to work with them and for them. To these children,
we are indebted forever.

“No one truly wins unless we all win.”
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