Amit Ghasghase
July 25, 2021


First time on a plane!

A day long adventure camp was hosted for 100 children of Nepali Refugee Camp, D-Block, Vasant Vihar, and Arambagh, Paharganj at Aeroplanet Aviation Training Institute, Dwarka, New Delhi on 22nd July 2018. Aeroplanet is a one of a kind facility that accommodates 2 actual airplanes where our children were given a once in a lifetime experience of being inside them, learning the mechanics of the planes, etiquettes of flying, experiencing turbulence, and gaining awareness about the job aspects of Pilots, Engineers, Air hostesses, Stewards, and ground staff, including an awareness program on Pilot training by Mr. Anil Sharma. It was a day full of hands on learning and fun activities like Ziplining, emergency evacuation training, wall climbing, trampoline training, net climbing, and various other indoor and outdoor activities.

Objectives of the event

  • Awareness about different career options for children at the bottom of the financial pyramid.
  • First hand experience of being inside a plane and acclimatizing the children to the idea of being in the Aviation industry.
  • Having fun while learning.
  • Enabling our children to aspire to bigger, better things for themselves.


  • It was the first time that most of our children had been inside an airplane.
  • Their intimidation turned into excitement as soon as the activities started.
  • The children were more interactive with the teaching staff, they asked relevant questions and expressed genuine interest in aviation and hospitality as career options.
  • The children were more disciplined and inclined towards learning about every aspect of the module.
  • Their response was overwhelming and most older children (15 years and older) are now focusing on taking the Science stream to fulfil the minimum criteria to join the aviation industry.


Total No. of children100D-Block Slum, Vasant Vihar
Araambagh, Paharganj
No. of Adults5Mr. Anil Sharma
Mr. Sudesh Kumar
Mahima Girdhar
Transportation (Buses)2Delhi
Activities6Airplane training
Awareness Program
Emergency evacuation
Wall Climbing
Zip Lining
Burma Bridge
Trampoline training
Indoor activities
Duration (Hours)6Including Lunch

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