Subroto Cup

Amit Ghasghase
July 26, 2021
Subroto Cup

It was overtly special for us because this was the first “Art for Good” competition that we did with all our schools present there. We took 400 of our children along with parents, teachers, and administrative staff from Diksha, Shikha
Pathshala (3 branches), and D-Block (Nepali Refugee Camp and Bhanwar Singh Camp). It was the first time most of them had stepped inside a bus, a stadium, or had seen Uniformed officers up close, and it was an experience of a lifetime for them. The energy in the stadium was palpable as the kids cheered the players on, got pictures clicked with “The Real Heroes” and depicted their love for the Indian Air Force in the form of paintings.

The Air Force was very generous with space they allotted to our children as they were with the security provided, ensuring each child, parents, and teachers felt safe and were able to enjoy the experience without a care in the world. Subroto Cup was a turning point for our organization because that was when we realized that we will need to do a lot more for these children to ensure exposure and widening of their horizons. None of us have looked back since, and we have gotten more people on board as trainers, interns, and volunteers to cater to the children who will grow up to become Officers, Soldiers, Teachers, Artists, Doctors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, and much more.



Total No. of children400Diksha School
Palam Vihar
Celebrity Homes
D-Block Slum,
Vasant Vihar (Various
Community Schools)
No. of Adults58Diksha Teachers
Celebrity Homes Teacher
D-Block Parents
Shikha Pathshala Parents
Consultation Guru Team
Transportation (Buses)7Delhi
Activities03Art Competition
Interaction with the Soldiers
Interaction with Mr. Manoj
Duration (Hours)4 hoursIncluding Lunch and
Give Aways400Art Kits
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