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COVID-19: Up-Skill Yourself

We will not repeat what is being broadcasted everywhere twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You know what it is, you know the solutions, for now, are staying at home, social distancing, and maintaining personal hygiene.

What you do need right now is a way to upskill yourself. There are a huge number of jobs that do not allow you to work from home, which means that your income is threatened.

What happens when your income is threatened?

There are ways to keep yourself on track, and we will be coming up with a series of tools which will help you with the following:

This is not a medical advisory. It is something that we, as a social enterprise, truly believe in and help our students with throughout their higher education journey.

Please click on the link here to fill in your details and get started with the program at NO COST at all!

Everyone has a different way of dealing with this situation, we decided to make the most of it by providing resources to one and all, free of cost!

Get Started with the Program by clicking here!

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